Four elements of nature fused to achieve the highest level of perfection. A meticulous selection of raw materials that will become the highest quality and 100% recyclable eco-friendly glass. Our manufacturing process is fully controlled with regard to the environment with zero atmospheric emissions and achieving maximum shine and transparency without using bleaching products or any highly polluting agents.  Other key characteristics of IPSUM are its machinability, its hydrolytic resistance and being dishwasher safe, making it the ideal material for tastings in every home.


Masterpro Oenology is excellent for those who love wine tasting and experiencing sensations in their home: the “at-home sommelier experience” is better thanks to our high quality Wine, Barware and Wine essential accessories. For this lifestyle concept, we will find the perfect material because Masterpro is launching the first 100% eco-friendly recyclable glass which enhances the tasting experience.

Oenology seeks to fill times of rest and relaxation by offering a unique experience to enjoy the best wines and spirits both alone or shared with the company of family or guests. A place you won’t want to leave.

Masterpro's manufacturing processes are 100% sustainable in the production of its glasses. 75% of the energy used in the manufacturing process is geothermal, while the rest is obtained from solar panels (16%) and Biomass (9%), thereby achieving the first ECO-GLASS on the market.


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