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Cooking a better world


It is our duty to contribute to the development of society in harmony with the environment, through voluntary participation in social initiatives focussed on our activity. Masterpro supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations, acting in four key areas that can have a direct influence: society, environment, sustainable procurement of goods and strategic alliances.

Preschool Education

The project's goal is to generate change and achieve social transformation towards equality via initiatives focussed on education, health and socio-economic development, through campaigns, reporting actions and raising awareness. Thanks to this programme and Masterpro's collaboration, pre-school services are offered to children aged between 2 and 6 years in different slums of India. 60 children have also been provided with vitamin supplements and a nutrient-rich diet, improving their health and education.

Second Chance

This project aims to free and recover the broken lives of women who live in the “red light” area of Mumbai, rescue young girls and women from sex slavery, give them employment skills so they can get a job, train them in basic life skills and turn them into leaders that can empower and help other sex slaves.

Water for all

The project seeks to meet a basic and fundamental need of families living in the Baiganwadi slum in Mumbai city: connecting them to the water network and installing a filter so they can use it for drinking water, to achieve social justice and equal opportunities, improve hygiene and thereby prevent diseases, improve family nutrition and dignify the life of immigrant and uprooted families. To do this, water connections and water filters will be installed to a number of between 10 and 20 families. .

Together we can Tangier

It is a socio-sports programme in Tangier which aims to promote inclusive values in sport so that people with and without disabilities can do physical activities and sports together. 86 people with disabilities from the Niños del Paraíso Association will take part, most of them under the age of 18, and 20 children at risk of social exclusion from the Lerchundi Foundation. Local youth volunteers who live in the best conditions will take part, thereby improving the civic engagement of the city's future generations. The programme includes an annual sports camp managed by Spanish volunteers.

Committed to the environment and society

MASTERPRO is a member of AMFORI, the world's leading business association for free and sustainable trade, which aims to improve prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and promote free trade on a global level. AMFORI's code of conduct aims to achieve specific social and environmental standards, always respecting the Sustainable Development Goals. This philosophy is called Trade with Purpose.